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Antonio Esfandiari, Matt Savage Among Poker Hof Candidates

As with other celebrity poker players, the amount of money won in private and casino cash games is the unknown factor. As one of the more social men in poker, and one of the most recognizable to boot, it’s likely Antonio gets invited to juicy private cash games involving wealthy amateurs. As friends with poker celebrity and overall wildman Dan Bilzerian, Antonio could have found himself in his very juicy high stakes game. Bilzerian once told Howard Stern that he won $50 million in 12 months playing poker.

That put a great deal of pressure on “The Magician,” but Hellmuth was feeling some heat about his play, too. Thus, both players had a great deal to prove when they stepped to the felt for Wednesday’s broadcast. The rematch took place on PokerGo last month, and the 15-time bracelet winner again shipped the cheddar. In the rematch, they played for a $200,000 pot, as both players paid another $50,000 entry fee. This time, they’re going to up the ante, raise the stakes, or whatever poker term you prefer.

Two years later in 2004, at only 25 years old, Antonio had his first remarkable year. Poker Classic for $1,399,135, where he became the youngest player ever to win a million-dollar prize and the youngest player to win a televised WPT event. He followed that feat up a few months later, by winning $184,860 and his first WSOP bracelet in the $2,000 PLHE event. In 2005, Antonio was in front of the cameras again where he made the semifinals of the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, earning $125,000. Check out our Poker Player of the Year race, as well as years of data of poker player results and casino poker tournament pay-outs. is the world’s oldest and most well respected poker magazine and online poker guide.

Esfandiari’s poker talents and table talk will be on display this Friday night as “The Magician” is part of the announced lineup for Hustler Casino Live. Esfandiari has also won three World Series of Poker and two World Poker Tours. In 2012, Esfandiari won the ‘Big One for One Drop’ poker tournament, making him the recipient of the second largest single payout in the global history of poker tournaments.

Olivier Busquet, who was one of the voices that raged against Hellmuth’s play, could step in for a battle. Another player such as Chris Moorman is a possibility but, depending on his current location, he might not be able to get in the U. Chance Kornuth and Phil Galfond are also good choices, but their ongoing “Galfond Challenge” might keep them otherwise occupied. The format of the new PokerGO show High Stakes Duel served as the backdrop for the Hellmuth/Esfandiari matchup. The basic premise is that both players put up $50,000 each and play until one or the other has the other’s stack.

Poker Classic, calling Vinnie Vinh’s all-in bet with pocket aces. Also the youngest poker player to claim a $1 million prize, Esfandiari saw his life change overnight. On Saturday, Antonio Esfandiari called police and informed them he had heard secondhand that Silva recently showed up at a private poker tournament in Las Vegas. The host kept a list of the amount each poker player used to buy in to the tournament.

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